Mark Enrega is a professional photographer based in Hobart, and works throughout Tasmania and other parts of Australia - specialising in all types of commercial photography; including events, products, lifestyle, landscapes, sports, editorial, travel, tourism, portrait, architecture and real estate photography.  

Photography studio & professional equipment 

Our fully equiped photography studio is setup for taking photos of small to medium sized products, and we can travel with our equipment to on-site photo shoots for special events, large products, portraits and group photos.

In-field photography to get the perfect shot

Mark is a fit and agile individual and has the physical capability to literally go the extra mile as a photographer. Whether it's hiking into the wilderness, dangling from a cliff, perching on the back of a motorbike, climbing up a mountain or flying around in a helicopter, there is nothing Mark won't do to get the perfect shot. 

Expert editing & colour grading

All our photos are expertly colour graded and edited so they stand out on screen and in print. See our photography portfolio for some of our recent projects.

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